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Open Energy aims to develop a platform to explore new systems of visualization energy use and to optimize it accordingly, both in domestic and industrial environments.

The system is built along two dimensions: first one, Energy Monitoring Device, which investigates open hardware devices in which monitoring power consumption, and a second dimension, Open Energy Visualization (Data Visualization / Augmented Reality App), which explores new ways of real-time visualization power consumption in domestic environments.

These systems will allow us to amplify our knowledge about the dynamic behavior of energy anywhere.

Open Energy is a prototype of energy infrastructure completely Open Source.

In view of the upcoming stage of evolution of Internet of Things (, Open Energy considers the design of a visualization system which is inserted into a new energy distribution model, where invention of technologies will allow a decentralized redistribution of electricity production at a global scale, defining new frameworks of sustainable balance.

Open Energy Visualization (OEV) is a real-time visualization software on power consumption (kWh) and CO2 levels (g) at home. OEV seeks to implement the design of a Smart Grid system (intelligent electric distribution network) by inventing visualization technologies, sensors system and autonomous electricity production, allowing greater optimization of the energy distribution globally.

This visualization structures will allow new ways of relationship between energy and humans. Real-time visualization of power consumption patterns, and simulation of predicting consumption, will constitute new information systems through of whom we would be able to visualize power consumption, CO2 levels, nodes which have greater surplus in energetic production, real-time value of the electricity, etc.

This new model of smart grid, in opposition to the traditional model of hierarchical grid, presents designing a decentralized energy system, where anyone can become a generator node and a distributor of renewable energy. Open Energy as visualization environment generates new not perceptible representations of electrical dynamic behavior of humans in their living environment. These real-time visualization systems will enable us to adapt consumption behavior patterns in relation to consumption levels. 

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Applications :

Product A: Domestic Application for Energy Saving.
The system will have a simple software interface, where users impute monthly its current power consumption in euros and the power consumption desired for the current month. With these data, the interface will report the actual instantaneous consumption and accumulated consumption in the current month so, on the basis of feedback and this information, we can act accordingly and reach the monthly savings goal.

Product B: Application for Energy Saving in Small Industrial Environments.
In addition to above previously described product, the system will have several consumption measurement points (up to 5), such in a way that different consumption areas can be identified and they could be balanced, taking into consideration (when applicable) stand-by consumptions.

The project aims to develope a community around the Open Energy concept, developing monitoring and visualization systems to allow us, on one hand, to amplify our knowledge about energy and, on the other hand, explore development of an open infrastructure for a new energetic distribution model, through the Smart Grids/Smart City concept.

Open Energy is intended for any citizen and/or groups interested in knowing (and optimizing) energetic behavior in their homes and/or urban systems, through different tools of real-time visualization.

It’s intended to generate a community of citizens interested in new ways of management energetic systems, based on open technologies.


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Visualization Prototype

Visualization Prototype. Augmented Reality App.

Visualization Prototype

Open Energy Visualization

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